Mental Health Counseling Intern

Littleton, CO

Job description

Title and Hours required:

  • Adult SUD (Substance Use Disorder) Department seeking Fall Intern
  • A minimum of 10 hours per week (15-20 hours preferred) along with a 9-12 month commitment. The placement typically follows the academic year and begins in the Fall (August or September).
  • Applications are accepted beginning in May for the upcoming year's placement with interviews typically occurring in March.

Minimum Qualifications and # of openings:

  • 2nd Year Master's or Doctoral Students in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Family Therapy, or other related human services field with an emphasis on clinical work.
  • 3-4 openings

Student Supervisor's Credential Level:

  • 2-3 - LCSW Supervisor
  • 1 - LPC Supervisor

Interns must be affiliated with a school during their placement with AllHealth Network. The school or its representative and AllHealth Network must have an established agreement, in writing in place regarding the terms of an interns placement prior to the start of an internship.
AllHealth Network employees are not eligible for internships while employed by the organization.
All internships are unpaid.
AllHealth Network does not employ or provide internships to current or former clients or those who have family members in treatment to avoid confidentiality concerns or conflicts of interest.
Interns may not practice in any language other than English unless she or he has passed the Human Resources approved proficiency examination.
Interns are expected to attend New Employee Orientation (NEO) as well as other required new hire and internship trainings and to complete all mandatory agency wide staff training requirements. Interns are also expected to give constructive feedback that evaluates their training and supervision experience and to be engaged in the learning process.
To participate in the development of a performance improvement plan if one is needed.
Keep track of hours as they accrue, per the requirements of their academic program
AllHealth interns are encouraged to participate in all intern group meetings, trainings, and presentations. Licensing and Internship Supervisor will inform all interns of applicable meetings.
Video and audio taping of sessions is not permitted although it may be required by some academic programs. In cases where this is a requirement for students, they should contact the Licensing and Internship Supervisor.